DDTank 3.6 Update Introduction

DDTank3.6 versionwill undergo an update for at least 4 hours since 8:00 p.m., Nov. 28th, 2012 GMT-6.Completion time may vary due to advances or delays in update. During the update, players will not be able to enter the game. For more information, please go to our official website. The update details are as follows:


1.Elite Match

2.Instance: Time Vortex

3.Weapon: Crazy Chick

4.Cast Weapon in Gold

5.Recommended Look

6.1-Click Card Change


1.Elite Match:

Definition:A new match mechanics is introduced. Players can get rewards by attending the match.


A.Elite Match consists of the Credit Contest and the Top 16 Champion Challenge. There are two brackets: Lv. 30-40 and Lv. 41-50.

B.Credit Contest: It is available from 14:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays. To attend it, DDtankers shall click [More] button, enter [Elite Match] and [Create Credit Room] (It’s a single contest in the room). While DDtankers create the room, all battle items will be cleared.

C.DDtankers start the Credit Contest with 1000 points (that is invalid and disqualifies DDtankers who don’t attend the Credit Contest to join the Credit Chart). Winning adds 10 points, while losing deducts 10 points. Victory or defeat gains you time compensation points, to a max of 5 points per single contest. If DDtankers get the same credits, then the one who attends the contest earlier get a higher spot in the Credit Chart (e.g., DDtanker B attends the contest when A acquires 1100 points. B gains the same points as A afterwards. Then, A ranks higher than B). Credit Chart updates every 5 minutes;

D.Top 16 Champion Challenge: The top 16 players on the Credit Chart can participate in the Top 16 Champion Challenge. Only DDtankers who have played 10 matches during the Elite Match can be top 16. Consisting of 16 to 8, 8 to 4, Semifinals and Finals, the challenge is single-elimination, and lasts for 10 mins (including the preparation and loading time). If there is no victor after 10 minutes, the winner will be decided based on damage dealt/received;

E.The challenge is available from 19:30-20:25, during which the system will invite the players. Those who don't enter the room in time will be regarded as absent. (The inviting time for 16 to 8, 8 to 4, Semifinals, and Finals is respectively 19:30, 19:45, 20:00, 20;15);

F.Players who join the credit contest can acquire an extra EXP bonus. Making the Top 16 can net you Drill, Random Card Box, Random Weapon Piece; The champs of Lv.30-40, 41-50 matches can be rewarded with  artifact Dragon Spear (The rewarded items are all bound. Valid for 7 days, the artifact is unrenewable and will disappear once expired.) The items will be timely sent out by email at the end of the match.


Dragon Spear

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2.Introduced “Time Vortex”Instance

Definition: New content with time-travel and sci-fi elements

Introduction: There are 4 difficulty levels for Time Vortex, respectively Easy, Normal, Hard, and Heroic; each difficulty level has 4 stages: Ancient War, New Continent Fight, Defense of Jungle, Battle of the Milky Way.


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3.New Weapon:Crazy Chick


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Output:Each player who completes “Time Vortex”(Heroic) has a chance for New Weapon Piece (Unbound) of “☆·Crazy Chick”. The lower piece can be smelted into higher one which in turn may become “☆·Crazy Chick”

4.Gear gold casting

Intro:Open the pearl with golden question mark will have a chance to get blessing gem. Use the pearl and cast gold on gears enhanced to lv.12 will get a chance to upgrade the gear to gold gear, which can enhance weapon, cloth, hat, armor and increases HP of cloth and hat.

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A.Blessing pearl can be obtained by opening gem with golden question mark. Open Offense Pearl with question mark, Defense pearl with question mark, Attribute pearl with question mark will get a chance to obtain Bless pearl, defense bless pearl, attribute bless pearl.

B.Click bless pearl in the bag, select use can start casting gold. Attack bless pearl can only be used on weapons, defense bless pearl can only be used on cloth while attribute bless pearl can only be used on hat;

C.After gear is updated to gold gear, it will have a blessing validity period(30 days).  The validity will start countdown no matter the gear is used or not. After the period, the gear will return to it's original attributes and look (bless validity period cannot be renewed);

D.When the validity period of the Gold casted gear is shorter than the blessing validity period, gold casting cannot be done. Golden gear cannot transfer to gear which has a shorter validity period than the blessing validity period;

E.Golden gear can be synthesized, embedded, open slot and transfer. After the blessing validity period, its synthesized attributes and slot opening effect will be remained;

Golden pearl with question mark can be bought in the mall.

5.Recommended Look

Intro:Enter the mall, click random look can try out different costumes recommended by the system or buy them directly.

6.1-click change card

Intro: Set Card button is added in card collection. Click the button to choose the set card you want to use from the drop down list.

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A.Main card will be replaced first. If there's no main card, equipped main card will not be replaced.

B.When there's not enough secondary card placement, existing secondary card will be replaced;

C.When the number of set card is not enough, cards will be replaced in the order of main card, secondary card 1, secondary card 2, etc.


DDTank Operation Team

Nov. 27th, 2012