Coming of new version- Dragon`s Lair

Dear DDTank Players,

Here's good news for all of you , the new version 2.6 of DDTank - Dragon's Lairis going to open on July 19th, 2011, 1:00am (CST), the maintenance time will take approximately 5 - 6 hours, during this time, players can not enter the game, we apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Update time: July 19th, 2011, 1:00am (CST)

Update range:for all servers

Please pay attention to our official website: New information will be released as soon as new version opens.

New Expedition--- Dragon's Lair

Since the release of Black Castle, a great many DD Tankers have had a thrill game experience exploring the instance. Nevertheless, the real demon behind the scenes is far more thorny than Minotaur North, the 'guard' of Black Castle. Bartos, the giant dragon and final boss of the fifth instance Dragon's Lair, is notorious for its ferociousness and destructive power. It will spray roaring flames from its mouth in danger of being attacked and then utterly defeat its enemy. Rewards for clearing all stages are of course huge, including the rarely seen Undead Axe, Spear and Boomerang. Can you rise to the challenge?             

New Ambition

Start Off for Lv. 50

DD Tank level cap has raised to 50! As a beginning of a new journey, DD Tankers can enjoy more breathtaking challenges now. Being a hero is hard work, but the dream is well within reach if you could come through all trails! 

Become a HEARTTHROB with charisma system

DD Tank version2.6 introduces a brand new Charisma System. It enables you and your friends to earn charisma point by sending each other presents. The more presents you receive, the higher charisma you'll be able to get. Top players will leap into the charisma rank list in the Hall of Fame. So gear up and interact with friends now! 




 DDTank Operating Group

July 18th ,2011