[Practice]system will be on line, "DDtank"3.4 version analysis of gameplay

For DDtank players the most desirable thing is nothing better than fortifying equipment to promote attribute and power. While, it only gets more health for upgrade of character without other function, so players do not pay attention to it.
But after official update of 3.4 version this time, the function of character level will be promoted. From now on, character will also have attribute. It is true and following is the picture.

Have you seen the difference? The character has no any equipment(also without cards), but he has offense and defense! Not only that his defense is as high as 40!
But, these attributes are not added randomly after upgrade of character. It is the 3.3 version-practice system which is closely related to character level.
Now, let's introduce the powerful new system to you.
The following picture is the new practice system interface which can be opened after level 10. You can choose one from offense,life, luck, defense and agility to practice. When the practice exp reaches the requirement of leveling up, the character's relevant attribute will be increase.

The slot in the middle of interface can be put into practice potion. The big potion can be purchased in shop by coins, and the small potion can be gotten by completing practice task. The success rate of practice is 100%. As long as you practice, you will increase your exp!

But, the potion is not unlimited,every day the potion number you can use is the same with your level. That is to say when you are level 10, you can use 10 potions every day; when you are level 11, you can use 11 potions and so forth. And the your final attribute upper limit is related to your character level. The higher level you are, the higher attribute you can get!
Besides, you also can get certain practice exp by completing practice task. As the following picture shows.

The slot in the middle of interface can be put into practice potion. The big potion can be purchased in shop by coins, and the small potion can be gotten by completing practice task. The success rate of practice is 100%. As long as you practice, you will increase your exp!

If you are not satisfied with the task, you can use practice scroll to refresh. You need certain coins to refresh and you only can refresh 5 times every day, so please be careful to refresh.
Practice system will promote your power greatly, so try hard to practice DDtankers!

New league function,
mission system will be on line

Since "DDtank" launched league, countless DDtankers take efforts to offer advice for league. In order to return DDtankers, "DDtank"official will intensify league function again, making each DDtakers can benefit from it.

This new function is league mission system. After publishment of league missions, every active participant in league will get a large number of exp and glory, meanwhile it will bring a great quantity wealth for league. Now this function is still in production, but our editor gets the internal materials in advance. Let's see it first.
The publishing place of league mission will be put in chairman channel and only chairman can publish league mission.

It will consume certain league wealth to publish league mission. After wealth be consumed, it will pop up league mission interface, if chairman is dissatisfied with the mission content he can refresh it again by click the button.
It will consume coins of chairman for refresh content, and it can't refresh with insufficient coins.

After publish it successfully, league mission will be shown beside league billboard so league members can check its content and their finished state. Rewards of finishing mission will increase with the increase of league level.
It should notice that league mission is a team task, and the total task is very large so each member only can finish one part of league mission finally.
After league mission is over, the reward wealth will be put into league wealth directly. And after league skill is opened all members can enjoy skill effect, but exp and glory are distributed according to personal degree of completion. If you want to get more glory and exp you should try hard to improve your degree of completion.

Both valid time and publishing alternation of league mission are 6 hours. If chairman published league mission at 10:00 am this task will last until 16:00 pm. During this time each league member's relevant event will be calculated as completion degree of league mission until the mission is completed.
Rewards will be sent immediately after league mission is completed. Then league mission interface will still show the task content, but it will prompt that rewards have been sent and relevant event of league members will not be calculated as completion degree of league mission.

After 16:00 pm chairman can publish new mission and the completion degree will be calculated again. League members who did not participant the mission last can do it this time.
Pull together to make contributions for league. More pay for more work and abundant rewards are waiting for you!

Blessing of Rand Maine,
seven magics will be on line

With many years preparation, mages of DD kingdom have gotten enough magics. They are preparing to launch a super blessing magic all over the world——Blessing of Rand Maine.
This super blessing mixed with 7 blessing magics. How powerful is its effect? Let's see it together!
Blessing of Rand Maine is the mysterious icon of following picture. Click the icon then DDtankers can see the interface of activating blessing of Rand Maine.

Make mouseover any of following icons, it will show the powerful effect of this icon. DDtankers can choose one blessing to activate or can choose all blessings to launch.

Followings are the effect of all kinds of blessings:
Jar Superman: It can make only 3 hammers to open angel jar, which will only takes effect for the first three angel jars every day.
Life-saving Straw: In mission map, when your health is lower than 30% it will recover 30% automatically which can be triggered for 3 times every day.

Holy Might Power: In mission map, attack, defense, agility and luck attributes will upgrade 10% which will take effect for the first 3 mission maps every day.
Recover Wind: In mission map the effect of recovering holy stone will be doubled.
Practice Master: Players can use 5 more practice potions every day.
Free Checkpoint: Players can go to next checkpoint for 1 time freely every day.
Free Turning Card: Players can open the third card freely in turning card of mission map which can be triggered 1 time every day.

The effect will take effect immediately after open blessing. When players begin fighting or mission map battle, they also can see the blessing of Rand Maine effect as following picture showing.

DDtankers will have more splendid life in DD kingdom after they have the Blessing of Rand Maine's seven magics effect, let's look forward to it !

Epic task will be on line,
top weapons for you to choose

If someone tell you that every player can get the following three weapons, what is your first response? You must not believe it, but it is true!
"DDtank"official will launch "Epic task" system, then DDtankers will have chance to get top weapons. All players over level 35 can choose the three top weapons if they can work hard enough!
It needs 2 rare item to exchange the three top weapons——"Mysterious Spar","Brilliant Spar". As following shows.

Mysterious SparBrilliant Spar

So how to get these rare items?
After epic task system is on line, all players over level 35 will find that their task interface will appear a new epic task. It includes Mysterious Spar and Brilliant Spar task, and players can get these two rare items after finishing the task.
Brilliant Spar task has unlimited times to be finished every day, but Mysterious Spar task only can be finished 3 times each day. DDtankers also can use a little coins to buy Mysterious Spar directly, but they can buy at most 3 each day.

When DDtankers have enough number of Mysterious Spar and Brilliant Spar, they can click exchange task to exchange the weapon they want. If you have enough diligent and can be seriously enough, it will be not so difficult to get all three top weapons of Undead Axe, Boomerang and Spear.
DDtankers, go to get top weapons!

Battle in spa,
absorb Gulus to exchange gift

An airplane with Gulu tourists has crashed nearby spa mountain, but this accident didn't make injuries and deaths for the special physic of Gulus. While Gulus have made variation and have become the hidden trouble of spa mountain for the special material pollution which has leaked by airplane.
Luckily, it has very easy and effective tool to clear away this kind of pollution as following picture. This absorber connecting with suction tubes can absorb Gulus into its cylinder to clear away pollution.

This group of Gulus have invisibility after variation and we can't see them usually. So boss of spa inn purchased large balloons to warn visitors. When spa inn flutters colorful balloon it means Gulus have appeared in spa mountain.

This group Gulus have different variation, some becomes very small some becomes very big. Well every body has come up with a good idea to deal with Gulus, and inn boss has published it. Let's see it!
First is the cute Gulus they are very small. Overtake them then use absorber to catch them directly.

Next is the normal figure Gulus. Overtake them and continuously click the left mouse several times to absorb them.

Then is the more troubled Gulus they have big figure. Each big Gulu can be absorbed when three people surround them together. Then absorber will pop up a countdown, during countdown click left mouse quickly and the more clicks the higher score.

Last is the huge Gulus, they are the strongest in this group of Gulus. Each huge Gulu can be absorbed when five people surround them together. The same with big Gulus, absorber will begin countdown. Click left mouse quickly before it is over!

Absorber has powerful points system, and each Gulu you absorbed will be recorded then will be transferred into points. Many precious gifts of spa inn boss shall be exchanged by points. More points More rewards. Come to catch Gulus quickly!